Which payment methods can I use to add to my investment?

You can deposit into your CybiWealth account via bank transfer in either GBP or ZAR.

What are the minimum investment requirements in order to invest with CybiWealth?

At CybiWealth we believe everyone should be able to build a share portfolio. However, because we aren't a unit trust or mutual fund, we only buy you whole shares. We therefore require a minimum investment of £500 and once you get to around £3,000 you will have a full complement of shares in our companies.

How often can I add to my investment?

As often as you like. Once you have registered with us, it is really as easy as "Click. Invest."

After making a payment, how long does it take for my money to be invested?

Once your funds have settled into our bank account we aim to invest your funds within 3 working days.