What are the investment fees and charges?

Initial fee: 0%
Annual management fee: 0.75%
Annual custody fee: 0.075%
Exit fee: 0%
Performance fee: 0%
Brokerage fees: 0.25%*

*Unlike most other companies we do not charge minimum fees when we buy (or sell) shares for you. On a £3,000 investment into our share portfolio your brokerage fees would be just £7.50 in total compared to over £150 with most other companies purchasing shares directly on your behalf.

Why are the CybiWealth management fees so low?

We have cut out the middle man. By allowing you to own shares directly, there is no excessive fee layering which is a common feature in mutual funds or unit trusts. As we do not provide advice, there are no financial adviser fees.

What are the payment processing fees?

There is no charge for depositing via bank transfer. If you deposit using South African Rands rather than British Pounds we will convert your deposit to GBP at institutional rates.

Withdrawals to UK bank accounts are subject to a £1 charge below £20,000 and £15 if above £20,000. Withdrawals to non-UK bank accounts will be subject to a £15 charge.

CybiWealth does not benefit in any way from charges levied on bank transfers.