How does the barometer work?

The barometer is a nifty tool that helps you determine whether you are on track to maintain your lifestyle when you decide to put your feet up and stop working. By indicating how much you currently spend on a monthly basis and how long you plan to invest for, based on our tried and tested projections of our portfolio performance, we can give you an idea of how close you are to affording the same lifestyle you have today.

Note that this calculation is based on the projected income received from dividends and, unlike many other solutions, does not involve the sale of shares to provide income.

What is a direct share portfolio and how does it save on tax?

Unlike a mutual fund or unit trust which owns the shares on your behalf, when you invest with CybiWealth, you are the actual owner of shares in these awesome companies. Since you are the beneficial owner, we are able to apply for withholding tax reductions on your behalf which could increase your investment return by approximately 0.2% each year.

Is there a minimum investment?

Our minimum initial investment is £500. There is no minimum value for top-up investments.

The CybiWealth portfolio allows you to own whole shares directly and does not buy or sell fractions of shares. As soon as you make your first deposit we will start to purchase shares on your behalf. We are able to purchase a full portfolio of shares for you once you have invested approximately £3,000. Until this point you will not be invested in the full range of shares and as such may experience increased volatility due to lack of diversification.

How can CybiWealth make projections into the future?

Of course any projection of future returns is only a projection. However, because of our investment team's stringent requirements, we only invest in companies who have a strong record of solid returns and fantastic dividend payouts. This puts us in the unique position of being able to give you a pretty good idea of where your investment will be in many years ahead.

It should be noted that investment involves risk. The price (or value) of investments can go down as well as up (and the investor may not necessarily receive back the original amount invested).

Who decides which companies form part of the CybiWealth portfolio?

The FIM Capital Investment Team is responsible for making sure that your money is invested in the right places to yield great returns without taking undue risks. Decades of experience in the investment industry makes their qualified investment team well-equipped for the job.

How often will the data, prices and my account be updated?

Data and prices will be updated around 11am GMT on every day following a working day. This allows us to receive and process the end of day figures from all of our equities from the previous day.