How are my documents and personal information protected?

Your personal data will be held securely by FIM Capital Limited, who are regulated by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority (UK). Our database is equipped with bank grade security measures and housed by servers hosted by Manx Telecom, a twin Tier 3 data centre operator based on the Isle of Man.

How is my information kept secure while travelling over the internet?

All information that is transferred over the Internet between your computer or device and our servers is encrypted using 256-bit encryption. We use an Extended Validation SSL certificate provided by GeoTrust - a globally trusted digital certificate authority. This ensures that, even if intercepted, your information remains protected. This ensures that at no time is your information visible in clear-text whilst in transit. In other words, no human eyes will ever see your passwords.

Who has access to the servers on which my information is stored?

Only a very small group of CybiWealth personnel for whom access is absolutely necessary to make sure that our technological infrastructure is maintained.

Is my money safe?

Absolutely. Saxo Bank has been appointed as the custodian of all CybiWealth investments. This means that they are responsible for the safekeeping of all shares owned by CybiWealth clients.