When and how will my tax information be supplied to me?

Each year we will supply you with a tax summary of your investments via email. If you need your statements for a different period you can request one by emailing support@cybiwealth.com.

How much tax will I pay?

It depends on the tax rates in your country of residence. We do our best to minimise your taxes by enabling you to hold the shares directly and by ensuring that the withholdings tax on American investment is minimised through the W-8BEN form. That's why we ask you to fill out that complicated-looking form!

What is a direct share portfolio and how does it save on tax?

Unlike a mutual fund or unit trust which owns the shares on your behalf, you are the actual owner of shares through CybiWealth. Since you are the beneficial owner we are able to apply for withholding tax reductions on your behalf which could increase your investment return by approximately 0.2% each year.